Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AF in VC (pics)

Hey all, just posting a couple photos from the concert yester-evening. Just to reiterate - AMAZING SHOW

AF in VC

So, I must say Arcade Fire on put an amazing show. From what I can recall, there might be a song missing), they played a set containing (in no specific order): Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels), Neighborhood 2 (Laika), Neighborhood 3 (Power Out), Keep the Car Running, No Cars Go, Ready To Start, Modern Man, Rococo, The Suburbs, We Used To Wait, Month Of May, Haiti, Rebellion, Intervention, Suburban War.

Arcade Fire played all their kick ass songs from Funeral, a couple from Neon Bible, and the majority of the new albums tunes (Suburban War, Month Of May, We Used To Wait, The Suburbs, Ready To Start, Modern Man, Rococo).

The Opener: Ready To Start. I predicted The Suburbs, but was wrong (you were right). All in all a pretty damn good set. Very impressive show. The sound was really tight, there were no equipment issues; all the songs sounded mint in my opinion. The stage setup was pretty cool. A screen shaped like a billboard that played visuals and the band. There were some pretty cool effects used when they showed the musicians playing, can't actually explain it that well, but nevertheless awesome. The back drop looked like a piece of an interstate, bridges over a freeway; they also had a large field light (can't think of what else to call it). Like a large post that would provide light for a football field at night.

I'm not sure which member of the band, but one of the members was playing a single tom and came off the stage with it and ran down around by the barrier and jumped over the railing and into the floor section. Throwing his drum, picking it up, banging the shit out it. The thing was basically mangled when he was done with it. Pretty entertaining.

My girlfriend and I were almost convinced they weren't coming back out after their "last song", but after a couple minutes they reappeared with two treats for the hungry audience. Double Encore. Keep The Car Running, and (I'm sorry i almost forget), but I'm almost certain it was Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels). Fantastic ending.

I will post some pictures, probably tomorrow. Also, sometime in this week I will post a couple of the bands of been into recently.

Cheers folks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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the Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Doing a review of the (relatively) new the Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs.  Another band of Indie rockers hailing from the great city of Montreal, Quebec (shout to to my cousin David living in the ol' MTL). After a busy string of tours for the bands second album, Neon Bible, Win Butler announced the band would start work on their new album, set for release in 2010.

I like the approach the band took in making this album, It's also glad to hear them go back to a style more reminiscent on their debut album, Funeral.  I'm going to admit it, I like this album much more than Neon Bible.  The Suburbs is probably the bands greatest and most acclaimed effort to date. Released on August 3, 2010 (depending on country), the album features a total of 16 tracks:

1. "The Suburbs"
2. "Ready To Start"
3. "Modern Man"
4. "Rococo"
5. "Empty Room"
6. "City With No Children"
7. "Half Light I"
8. "Half Light II (No Celebration)"
9. "Suburban War"
10. "Month of May"
11. "Wasted Hours"
12. "Deep Blue"
13. "We Used to Wait"
14. "Sprawl I (Flatland)"
15. "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"
16. "The Suburbs (Continued)"

The real gems of the album are: "The Suburbs", "Ready To Start", "Month of May", and  "We Used to Wait". The thing about The Suburbs is that while the lyrics follow a central theme about life and experiences growing up and living in the suburbs, the instrumentation varies song to song, which is refreshing.

"The Suburbs", track numero uno, kicks off the album with a bang.  A no nonsense intro right in the meat of the tune, I'd say a somewhat Beatles-esque tune, in terms of melody and progression; I absolutely love the melody of the chorus, Butler and Chassagne croon "Sometimes I get believing, I'm moving past the feeling".

The next track, "Ready To Start", brings the album up a bpm (beat per minute) or two, with a slightly quicker tune.  The interlude around the 3 minute mark builds the song up to a great climax and ending.  "Month of May", may vary well be my favorite tune.  The most up beat song on the album, I'd definitely it sounds different from the rest.  A little bit of overdriven guitar and a simple kick and snare beat sets the foundation for a wicked tune. Loving the "breakdown" and re-entrance around the 2:20-230 mark. The has an eerie ambiance ending, with Butler and Chassagne ending the song with a repeat of the chorus.  Here's a link to the tune "Month Of May".

I am very stoked to go see the concert tonight, (Sept 28.). My GF and I should have a great time checking out the band in Vancouver. I'll post about how it was with some pics in a couple days.

Thanks for reading, if you want me to review a band or album, leave the name of it in a comment.
Cheers folks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Arcade Fire - Tuesday

I know some people harp on this band, but I am totally stoked to go see the Arcade Fire at the Colosseum in Vancouver on the 28th of September.  I was thinking about doing a quick review of their new album (well pretty new at least) in commemoration of the show. Catch you around.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wolf Parade - Expo 86

Today, I am doing a short review of Wolf Parades new album, Expo 86.  The album is named after the World Exposition that was held in Vancouver in 1986. I guess the band thought it was relevant, because these indie-rockers are from Victoria, BC (originally).

Wolf Parade have been on and off for years, with the members side projects (Sunset Rubdown, Frog Eyes, Handsome Furs, etc.) seemingly taking front seat over Wolf Parade. However; the bands 3rd album takes the band to a whole new level. WP (Wolf Parade) has become an even tighter four-some; the music feels and sounds more organized compared to previous albums (just an observation, I still love "Apologies to The Queen Mary" and to a lesser extent "At Mount Zoomer").

If you love quirky synthesizer driven melodies, and even stranger guitar accompaniment, then Expo 86 is certainly worth checking out, especially if you love a big sound because there is certainly a lot going on.  I honestly can not rave enough about this album, I love it to bits! It could very well turn out to be one of top indie albums of 2010 (watch out the Arcade Fire).

The album features 11 songs in total, filled with many gems:
  1. "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain" (Krug) - 4:22
  2. "Palm Road" (Boeckner) - 4:41
  3. "What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)" (Krug) - 5:42
  4. "Little Golden Age" (Boeckner) - 5:00
  5. "In the Direction of the Moon" (Krug) - 5:46
  6. "Ghost Pressure" (Boeckner) - 5:16
  7. "Pobody's Nerfect" (Boeckner) - 5:50
  8. "Two Men in New Tuxedos" (Krug) - 3:09
  9. "Oh You, Old Thing" (Krug) - 5:46
  10. "Yulia" (Boeckner) - 3:47
  11. "Cave-o-Sapien" (Krug) - 6:19
I feel that the albums stand out tracks are: "Cloud Shadow on the Mountain", "What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)", "Ghost Pressure", and "Oh You, Old Thing". If you had to listen to one track, I would suggest checking out Ghost Pressure. WP manages to blend over-driven guitar leads with a variety of poppy and retro-esque synthesizers.  Expo 86 is definitely worth checking out.

I will try and review an album, or anything music related, at least once or twice a week. Leave suggestions in your comments for who you think I should review in my next post.

Till next time;

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Light Reading

Tomorrow Im going to write about all the bands and gear i think people should be listening to and using, because afterall, I am the music eficianado ;).  Be prepared folks, you're in for quite the ride!!!! Until then, Peace out my fellow readers and bloogers . Love!!!